College Admissions

We provide assistance to international students who are planing to study in Canada. We provide,

  • Guidance for Course Selection
  • Admission/ Transfer into a Designated Learning Institution
  • Assistance for study permit extension
  • Assistance for work permit extension


International student Information

Important things to know as an international student in Canada :

  • As an international student you are allowed to work 20 hours a week during academics.
  • During schedule breaks, you can work 40 hours a week.
  • The current minimum wage rate is $11.25 in Ontario Canada.
  • Approximate living expenses ranges from $600 to $1000 depending on the room sharing.
  • Kijjiji, Craigs list, Toronto room rentals(facebook) and other source like Community Groups of yours is a great source for Accomodation in Canada.
  • Students can Search Part-Time Jobs which are actively posted in Kijjiji, Craigs list Websites

Privileges as a student

  • Special discounts on stores on purchases.
  • Can purchase metropass at a discounted price.
  • Free banking services.
  • Special offers in some trips and vocations and movies.
  • Scholarships for merit students.
  • Medical Insurance as a student to cover for most medical ailments.
  • Avail Free Services from Social Employment Agencies like YMCA, ACCESS EMPLOYMENT...
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  • Amea Group helped me in transferring to a good college when I first came to this country at which I’m doing my best now. The information and insight given by Amea Group gave me confidence and new hope that I can comfortably settle in Canada if we follow the procedures. I’m very thankful to Amea for the guidance they provided me. Thank you AMEA GROUP!!

    Prasanth Reddy   testimonials

    AMEA is incredibly well planned and targeted to our needs. With excellent work, versatility and reliable services they guide you through the process one step at a time. I contacted them when I was having trouble applying for my PR, they helped me get positive LMIA and in processing Express Entry. I recommend them Highly!!

    Shika Banvala   testimonials
  • I have been to several consultancies but was not satisfied. I feel that the staff at Amea Group are more experienced and knowledgeable in their field of work. They have helped me in choosing the right college in the right time and also gave excellent assistance with the PR process. I am really happy with my decision in choosing AMEA. Thank you!!

    Raja Subash Vel   testimonials

    Success comes with the right guidance and support. Amea group is a team with excellent expertise and experience. They helped me with immigration, extension of my study permit and college transfer. All the very best to Amea Group, I hope your services reach to each and everyone who are in need like me.

    Prakhyath Martha   testimonials
  • I am extremely happy with the support given by Amea Group. I was initially confused in opting a program for my Post Graduation Diploma and Amea Group helped and guided me in choosing the right course in right college. Based on my previous experience with Amea, I am looking forward to do my immigration process with them.

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    If you want to move high and exceed your goals in Canada without any hurdles make your way to Amea Group. They provide with the updated information and details regarding immigration and other visa issues. They assisted me in settling in Ontario and helped me to get a positive visa with ease. Thank you AMEA!

    RajKiran gone   testimonials
  • I was not aware that I was not eligible for three years work permit if I take up a one year course. In the critical situation I was in, I approached Amea Group who provided me with proper guidance in extending my study permit and now, I have successfully completed my studies and am eligible for three years work permit. I suggest Amea Group for their professional approach and commitment.

    Ashish Rangarouthu   testimonials

    "A mighty thank you for the whole "AMEA Group" for the amazing support and guidance throughout the process. Amea group has been a great help right from deciding colleges, to filling applications, and finally the Student visa process. It would have not been possible without your support. I highley recommand them for their honest and dedicated service. Looking forward for a Lifetime friendship!"

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