NORTH STONE INVESTMENTS INC. is a Durham region-based development company. Encompassing activities that range from the renovation and designing of properties, to the purchase of raw land, sale of developed land, sourcing properties and obtaining plans and permits. Our team of construction professionals and project managers cover a broad range of development requirements.


We proudly offer a variety of services to meet your needs.


Our architectural team has been driven by a commitment to exceptional design and unyielding focus on achieving client objectives.

  • Our ability to understand and draw inspiration from our client’s goals has resulted in a reputation of a design leader and a distinctive portfolio of insightful yet pragmatic design solutions that reflect our deep consideration for site, content, and environmental sustainability.
  • Our design process begins with actively listening and maintaining an open dialogue with the clients to ascertain their needs and vision. By having architects on our team we can ensure that there is great flow of communication between the architects, engineers and the client throughout the project.


GOLDEN CANADIAN HOMES INC.specializes in managing multiple projects including supervision of various trades to ensure completion of complex projects.

  • Our skilled project managers work on-site to integrate the discipline of project management into our business and your projects. They have an extensive knowledge of the construction industry and are capable of ensuring key issues of cost, time, quality and client satisfaction. Above all, they are also able to streamline the work to ensure that the project is completed on schedule and under budget with the highest form of quality.


We draw on all our strengths, from project design to implementation, with expertise in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

  • Our list of projects includes construction of new custom houses, plazas, medical/dental clinics, law offices, retail stores, gas stations, and multipurpose commercial unit finishes. Our reputation stands in various areas where leading-edge knowledge is required to meet the mandates of construction industry. We have a strong foundation built on honesty, integrity, and our excellent client relationships. We produce top quality work in all projects where our professionals execute, plan and design structures that exhibit high performance.


We have expertise to manage and execute projects
from all other business domains for small, medium size and enterprise scale projects.

Specializing in Commercial, Light Industrial, Institutional, and Multi-Family

Project Management

Our capacity makes us an ideal choice for a wide range of large and small scale development projects.

  • Creative Development Approach
  • Diversity of Stallion Construction Team
  • Budget Management
  • Procurement Coordination

Construction Management

We approach development with full transparency and open communication.

  • General Contracting
  • Risk Management
  • Open Communication

General Contracting

The experience GOLDEN CANADIAN HOMES INC. offers provides certainty and reliability to our customers.

  • Design Build
  • Transparency at Work
  • Quality and Cost