Amea Group has a great network through which the student can choose a program from various Colleges and Universities in Canada.


Guidance to International students who are planning to study in Canada

  • Determine student’s eligibility to apply for an Institution
  • Guidance for Program Selection
  • Admission/ Transfer into a Designated Learning Institution (Public & Private Schools)
  • Assistance for study visa
  • Note: Students who are planning to apply for Post Graduate Work Permit shall check the Designated Learning Institutions that offer programs that are eligible for PGWP

Click here: Designated Learning Institution List


Important things to know as an international student in Canada:

  • As an International student you can work while studying (20 hours a week during academics and 40 hours a week during scheduled breaks)
  • Your Spouse can apply for an Open Work Permit, if you are a full-time student in a Designated Learning Institution
  • The current minimum wage rate is $14 in Ontario, Canada
  • Approximate living expenses range from $600 to $1000 depending on the room sharing.
  • Kijjiji, Craigs list, Toronto room rentals (Facebook) and other sources like Community Groups of yours is a great source for searing initial Accommodation in Canada.
  • Students can look for Part-Time Jobs which are actively posted in Kijjiji, Craigs list, indeed, Facebook Websites or they can get registered in Employment Agencies


  • Special discounts on stores purchases, sign up for SPC card
  • metro pass at a student discounted price
  • Free banking services
  • Special offers in some trips, vacations and movies
  • Scholarships for merit students.
  • Medical Insurance which is usually provided by the Institutions
  • Avail Free Services from Social Employment Agencies like YMCA, ACCESS EMPLOYMENT...


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