International students who are planning to study a course which is more than 6 months must apply for a study permit. If the program is less than 6 months, he can apply for a visitor visa.

Study Permit

To apply for a study permit, you need a Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution. And Every Designated Learning Institution has a unique DLI# which start with the letter ‘O’. IRCC has introduced these Institutions in June 2014. The aim is to strengthen the International Student Program by explicitly requiring study permit holders to actively pursue their studies

General Prerequisites

  • Letter of Acceptance from a DLI
  • Choosing a relevant course to your previous study and interest
  • Proof of Funds, this includes - 1-year Tuition Fee, living expenses and return transportation expenses
  • Medical & Police certificate
  • May require proof of English proficiency (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL)
  • In SOP you need to convey the objective for your study plan and explain how this program benefit will when you return to home country after the course completion

Study Permit duration

The validity of the study permit depends on the length of the program.

Study Permit Extension

International students, who already have a valid study permit can apply to extend their study permit if they want to pursue another course.

Other Temporary Resident Holders

Foreign workers and visitors inside Canada can also apply for a study permit

During your stay

As an International student, you can work while studying (20 hours a week during academics and 40 hours a week during scheduled breaks)

A spouse can apply for an Open Work Permit if you are a full-time student at a Designated Learning Institution


  • Apply for a PG Work permit within 6 months after the completion of studies
  • Graduated from a full-time program (8 months minimum)
  • Length of the work permit depends on the duration of the study

Duration of PG Work Permit

1-year PG work permit may be issued to the students who have graduated from a 1-year study program

3 years PG work permit may be issued to the students who have graduated from 2 years study program

Note: Students who are planning to apply for Post Graduate Work Permit shall check the Designated Learning Institutions that offer programs which are eligible for PGWP

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