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Visitor Visa Requirements

  • Purpose of Visit
  • Letter of Invitation may require
  • Valid Passport
  • Strong ties with home country (Job, business, family, property)
  • Medical Insurance may require
  • Proof of funds for during stay in Canada

Citizens from some countries do not need a visa for visiting Canada such as US, UK Citizens.

Super Visa Requirements

This kind of visa specially designed for Parents and Grand Parents

  • The key difference is that the super visa allows multiple entry periods lasting up to 2 years but those travelling on a 10-year multiple-entry visitor visa can only stay for up to six months per entry.
  • A single-entry super visa is also available. This remains at the discretion of a visa officer
  • Must be admissible
  • Canadian Medical Insurance for 1 year
  • Child or Grand child shall meet LICO requirements and sign an agreement for their support